Thursday, December 29, 2005


So, alive and well--er, sick--in Oklahoma. Yesterday, we went to the zoo and about an hour into the trip I started getting this horrible achiness in my entire body. It was awful. Then, I started running a fever, which finally broke this morning. I feel like hell, but I still feel better than I did yesterday. Let's see...we did some mini-golf. That was fun. The wind was blowing so hard that you couldn't take the time to line up your putt or the ball would blow away.

I had a gross sandwich from room service at the Marriott Southern Hills. Szteve called me and left a completely incomprehensible message--not because he was drunk, which I am privately sure he was--but because whatever phone he was using (his cell) was buzzing. I think I made out the phrase "C'est c,a?" The buzz was so bad I couldn't tell what was going on, and my head was hurting so badly that I didn't really want to try. Sorry, Z.

McKenzie got us massages--that's at one, and we have to go run some sickly, shambling errands first, so, I'm going to sign off in order to have time enough to do everything.

Affectionately yours, etc.,


Sunday, December 18, 2005

Fun time post!

Done with papers required of me for this quarter. I have to translate a comic book by Christmas Eve. I have to get a re-write of my MA paper done soon.

So, instead of those things, I will create a New Rapidly-Abandoned Pons Asinorum Tradition: The Catalog of Frequently Misused Theory Words!

Of course, I use "Theory" to mean "Literary Theory," but that is just a stand in for "English and Comp Lit grad students talking at seminars."

Today's word is "imbricated": as in, I just find it fascinating how [D.A.] Miller manages to's not what I want to say...Somehow the strong paranoid reading that he wants to create somehow imbricates or becomes imbricated with the disappeared social, making the rhetoric the kind of the site of the collapsed social. Is this making sense?

From the OED: 1. (See quot.) Obs.

1704 J. HARRIS Lex. Techn., Imbricated is used by Mr. Tournefort, and some other Botanists, to express the Figure of the Leaves of some Plants, which are hollowed in, like an Imbrex, or Gutter-Tile. 1727-41 CHAMBERS Cycl.
2. Composed of parts (leaves, scales, or the like) which overlap like tiles. Also, covered by overlapping leaves, scales, etc.
1753 CHAMBERS Cycl. Supp., Imbricated shell,..any species of shell-fish, whose shells are elevated into transverse ridges, lying over one another at the base, in the manner of the tiles on a house-top. 1759 B. STILLINGFL. Econ. Nat. in Misc. Tracts (1762) 79 On this earth the imbricated liverworts find a bed to strike their roots in. 1858 GEIKIE Hist. Boulder iv. 46 Imbricated like the cone of the Scotch fir. 1882 Garden 1 Apr. 212/3 Another beautiful variety, having large and finely imbricated flowers.
3. Of leaves, scales, etc.: Arranged so as to overlap each other, after the manner of roof-tiles.
1753 CHAMBERS Cycl. Supp. s.v. Leaf, Imbricated leaf,..leaves placed over one another in the manner of the tiles of a house, or like the scales of fishes. 1777 PENNANT Zool. IV. 101 (Jod.) Pecten with about thirty echinated imbricated rays. 1806 J. GALPINE Brit. Bot. 20 Glumes, imbricated on every side. 1861 HULME tr. Moquin-Tandon II. III. i. 70 The Common Wood-louse... The body is oval..composed of a number of imbricated rings.
4. Resembling in pattern a surface of overlapping tiles: = IMBRICATE a. 3.
1875 FORTNUM Majolica iii. 32 Sometimes ornamented..with chequered, ‘chevroné’ or imbricated patterns.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Driven as a Salmon II: Not for the easily depressed.

So, a big shout-out to Dan E. Tanner, who, I recently was informed, occasionally tunes in. Just so you know, Dad, the link to the zombie game works fine, now.

I am supposed to be writing a paper, but my brain refuses to do anything that anyone might even remotely call work, so I thought, "I know! I'll work on the novella-thingy!" I don't really internally punctuate with exclamation points, people. Calm down.

I'm at this place where I need to flesh out Kennedy, and in a different way than she was presented by Bones, because, obviously, her relationship to Yuriko is hugely important to the plot and of a completely different character than his vision of her would permit her to have. My problem, of course, is that I'm not a girl. And Kennedy needs to be pretty laser-accurate to match the translation from Barnes that is Allison, but I want to take it somewhere else, tonally. So, I decide to do some research. It seemed a little inappropriate to mine info from the females I know of the blogging community--because I know them. That would be strange. Since I need Kennedy to have a writing voice for my current plan, I asked myself, "How do I find out how girls write?" I went to Friendster, and got distracted. Then, I saw the ad for Mate1 dating services, and I did the unthinkable: I clicked on it. In doing this, yes, I am aware, I reinforced the completely unfounded internet marketer belief that people click on ads. But it needed to be done. I was going to go through and find someone exactly like Kennedy, and then steal her writing voice. The following are some unedited text samplings of the search for a woman between 18-35 in the OC, in their own words:

I am 19, so i am a freshman in college. i go to Brooks college, where i am majoring in fashion. i love walking to get coffee from campus, then spending like 20$ on coffee and mints!! hehehe. i love talking to people, but not on the phone. i dont know why! aim is like my other life! my life also revolves around my friends and figure skating. i practially like live at the pepsi center! i am there every saturday! sometimes my life really sucks. i am put under alot of stress to be like my sister, but honey that aint ever gonna happen! so my parents have high expectitations for me!

I'm a single and loving it yes still in hopes of finding my special someone. Right now all I'm looking for in life are the simple things. Food, shelter, and an income to support myself with, lol. I have a wicked sense of humor, and I am brutally honest but that does not mean that I lack respect or consideration for others when it comes to speaking my mind. My requests are pretty basic and I will lay them out for you... No former wife beaters ( I don't care if u hit her only once!), no alcoholics or players, no one that still lives with their mom, and there's also no hope for the unemployed. If you are still interested and DO NOT fit into any of those categories, then please, by all means...BRING ON THE CONVERSATION!!! :))

I am very outspoken but I have a tender side.

Who Am I ? One who is smitten by your beauty eyes. A creature of light wandering a world of shadow. A woman. Nothing more. Nothing less. I have suffered my trials and tribulations, tasting both the sweet nectar of victory and the bitter fruit of defeat. I am wise and strong enough to carry my own cross. Still, I seek the wisdom and strength of others. Possessing a predilection towards the eclectic and the intense, I am drawn as a moth to the flame, driven as a salmon against the current, towards the extraordinary. Possessing a disdain for the half-hearted and the mundane, I am repelled, as identical magnetic poles, from the ordinary. I am the painter whose pallet contains an infinite number of hues, constantly swirling in the kaleidescope of color which is my SOUL. I am the jeweler carefully cutting the countless facets, searching for the optimum balance between brilliance and clarity, in the precious stone which is my SPIRIT. I am the gardener, cultivating the soil, planting the seeds, watering the sprouts, weeding the rows, and savoring each resultant sweet, sweet bloom that is my WORLD.


Hey Bitchesss My name is Savannah and I'm from Lagunaaa Beach itss amazingg! I LOVE TO TAN! obviously cause im reallytann..and I love to shop and model and hang out by the beach.. Im really a beach girl... I like live at the beach. I attended the unviresity of south florida and i loveeed being on the east coast its really nice theree! any way now Im home and im looking to pursue my modeling career! I've been in mutiple magazines, ads, and runway shows but I really want to turn professional.. So now i am taking modeling classes..Other then school in my free time I like to hang out with my gorgeous friends tan go to clubs, party, dance, and shop of course. Im really the typical 22 year old. I swear im not a stupid I.M. me and we can have a little gang bang!


well i am 35 i have made lots of mistsakes in my life..... who has not? i am in a marriage that we both want out of,we went to vegas a month after we met got pregnant and here we are. we live together, play together. but we know that the love we have for eachother is not enough.. we want sparks.. we never fight, we actually get along really well... our friends cant believe were just waiting for the righ time to get the divorce together.. he actually helped me put my photo on this thing.. i am due with this little boy in 3days... i cant wait.. his name is kody james.and at least his parents are really good at being friends. but i am bored and cant wait to get on with life.. i feel like its been on hold for a life time... but atleast my son will be very healthy..

At this point, the gulf between writing and life yawned so vast before me that my head actually split apart in its attempts to comprehend this stuff--this is by no means the worst/best of it, simply the most legible of the first three pages-- and formed itself into two heads: good head and bad head. The two heads had an argument as to whether I should mock these poor people or sympathize with them. I chose to present them as unironically as I could manage, factoring in local weather and my rather cruelly sadistic leanings. There's more if you want it.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

On that note...

If you're into shredding cutlass-wielding, molotov-cocktail chucking zombies with a shotgun while death metal thrashes and an urban hellscape thrashes by in time to the music--and if you're reading this, then I bet you fuckin' are--I suggest you check out this little linky-poo.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Zaireeka just gave me 11 full-length, new cds for 65.00, plus tax. Included is shit from bands with singles currently out. Free shipping. Subscribing was perhaps the smartest music decision I made in 2005, and I owe it to Christina. I can't believe it. It's insane.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

To Be Read in a Super Smash Brothers Melee Voice:


I will be finishing this rough draft over the next few weeks/months. I will post it as it comes, rightchya.

Expect a procrastination post from the moments when paralyzing fear of my papers causes me to avoid them until the very last second, possibly by engaging in this act of glorious futility.

Love and failure,