Sunday, July 30, 2006

A long time coming...

So. In addition to the many hours I have spent on Table Tennis, I have also spent too much time on young adult fiction (The first four books of the Keys to the Kingdom series, the first few from A Series of Unfortunate Events, the Thief, Queen of Attolia, King of Attolia, etc.), Elder Scrolls IV, and dreaming of writing projects I will probably never start, let alone finish. But that is not all.

In that time, I have also been to Santa Cruz, San Diego, and the moon. Except for the moon. I didn't really go there. It's just this desperate urge welling up from my heart that makes me say these things. I need to leave low earth orbit. I also and perhaps paradoxically need to create lists and start reading for my exams and pick up basic German grammar.

Those of you who are wondering where I have gone are now satisfied. Those of you craving souvenir moon pies are now thwarted.

I got a call from Edward. He made the announcement that he will be moving out to LA permanently in August. So, that will officially be a shit ton of people I went to highschool with heading for the coast. This can only mean one thing: the ground is about to open up and devour Oklahoma entire. Only those accustomed to the ULF vibrations produced by tornadoes moving across scorched wheat fields have been able to sense the rumble of the formation of a new tectonic plate which will subside and bathe Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Lousiana, Arkansas, and Missouri in a terrible tide of fire.