Thursday, August 31, 2006

Did I mention...

...that I was walking down the street the other day and saw a flyer seeking a roommate for a woman who claimed her name was Poonam Contractor?

No? Well, now I have.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I keep the end out for the tie that binds...

So, there was karaoke (My Charona [passable to good], Addicted to Love [spotty], Round Here [what was I thinking?] I Walk the Line [perhaps my best yet, judging from crowd reaction]) a resurgence of honest-to-god tennis (with Jeff Clapp, who will be better than me very soon), a sweeping poker victory, and a trip to Florida since I noodled around on here last. Apart from that, I have been fretting over not doing work I should be doing for school and partly shirking my duties in the creation of certain super-secret databases. Those of you who know me well may have translated "fretting over not doing work I should be doing for school" as "re-reading the Wheel of Time series." If you are one of those, kudos. If not, see translation provided above.

Warning: The following may be too nerdful for some to abide. It also may or may not be part of a years long conversation with one Kendall Jackson and, as such, of varying interest for those of you who just don't give a damn. In fact, just skip the next paragraph.

By the way, K, reading book ten is not nearly so painful as I had imagined. Now, before you do that little chortle-scoff-laugh thing and say something you'll regret, just think of it as a really long prologue to "Knife of Dreams." Really long. And mostly worthless. But still, if you can do that...if you can't, well...really the stuff you needed to get out of 10 is there in 11 as exposition in guessed it!...prologue.

Do do doo. Oh! Hey. Sorry. Didn't mean to zone out there. What else? Right. I woke up with a Britney Spears best-of medley in my head. World Jellyfish populations are on the rise. Some of you might reflect that that would present a disturbing proof of industrial over fishing. Some of you might reflect that that would present disturbing portents of an event to come: The Stinging.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Songs for the Def

It has begun! I sent Pat the first attempt at a little rap ditty that will hopefully kick off my first MC collabo since 1999-2000's epic "Battle of Da Worldz." Big ups to my man Jay-C, the only person who would have consented to participate in that madness. Except Zack, who does a mean backwards version of the TOS theme song on the hidden track. Big ups, also, to my Honors Introduction to Theater teacher, who gave me an A+ for a rap album made from scratch (Get it? It's a pun. An intended pun. A play on "scratching," the hip-hop term referring to sometimes virtuosic, sometimes impromptu, but always awesome performances using turntables and vinyl records played at varying speeds to achieve musical or rhythmic effects and "from scratch" an idiomatic expression meaning "with no pre-made materials." Do you get it now? God, what do I have to do, spell it out?).

Also in the news today, I took shipment on the bookcases I ordered and put together the six-shelfer that I think constitutes the absolute limit load for this room of the house. I don't think we will be buying more storage for books any time soon, and, hopefully, this prophylactic measure will prevent actual book purchases. Yeah, right.